The #V2 Pilot License Program (2 Available)
Let's schedule a call and talk about your place in and expectations for the #V2 pilot program with this deposit payment. Currently, this is the only time I plan to offer a specific self-hosted #V2 software release. (Dedicated and hosted use licenses are available through authorised resellers.)

This initial payment is the first of two. The cost to use a single, personal, non-transferable, single domain #V2 license starts at $987.

Once we've spoken I can raise an invoice for the correct balance allowing for any discounts or 'extras', to be paid by bank transfer.

(A few dedicated servers with clean IP's in a nice network are optionally available for $250 set-up and $250 per month)

A specific software release will be made available for you to download, save and use, after the invoice is paid and you have tested the specific release.

Click the order now button, and I'll be in touch.
Lite Shared #V2 Hosted
The Lite #V2 Shared Hosting plan allows you to
Store and message up to 10,946 Contacts
Choose how many emails you want to send per month.