The Verification Process

As part of the sign-up process we take a number of additional steps, in addition to just accepting the details you provide when applying for an account.  These help to protect you and us.  These steps help improve network security and ensure that you have not made any mistakes which could lead to you loosing your domain name etc.  The process is very simple, here's what we do.

  1. Within 24 hours (Mon - Sat) one of our team will telephone you.
  2. They will ask you to confirm your security phrase
  3. They will double check your contact details (address, telephone numbers etc.)and the order
  4. They will NOT ask you to provide any details about your credit card or PayPal account -
  5. They will ask you simple questions about your planned usage of our services to see if you require additional help now or in the future
  6. They will let you know about the second verification stage where we send a PIN to you via Snail Mail and how you verify reciept.

We may in some circumstances and for some services ask you to provide proof of your address and your identity.

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