How to check that your template is inlined

Now that you've got your freshly inlined code of the nice mobile ready HTML email template you designed, you need to check it.

This video shows you how different the code of a good inlined template looks compared to a normal HTML template.

Remember it's always easier to design the templates you want for your marketing or customer care roles using something like the Zurb framework.  And then inline.  Rather than try to edit the 'code' in an inlined template.

If you find yourself ever needing to edit the 'code' of a template when you're trying to send a message it means you're using the wrong template and you either need to edit it the one you have or create a new template.

Once you have the template you add content where you've already decided where it will be, what is is and what it is for.

This is a nice short video.  We move on to using your templates in #V2 after this.

In the next video we learn how to make simple changes using a text editor

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