What #V2 hosting is and what it isn't

Hosting for any software that is capable of sending out marketing type emails needs to be special.  And #V2 is.

When you have your own email marketing and automation software, you should be running it on at least one dedicated server.

For an email to stand a chance of getting delivered. lots of things like the IP address of the server, the domain DNS records and the domain name of the sender need to be checked and verified.

If something is wrong your readers will not get your message.  General cheap webhosting plans have not been configured by the server admins to send lots of, or any emails.

Being able to send emails, being allowed to send some emails and being allowed to send lots of emails all the time are three very different levels of service.

We want to focus on what the software can do for your business and help you understand how to use the power features.

Our pricing structure has 3 core components

#V2 shared hosting provides a scalable way of helping you to help, up to just over 28,000 of your contacts and the data you collect about them.

One you've decided how many people you want to build a relationship with and selected a suitable hosting and storage plan, workout how many emails you plan to send them every month and bolt on your outbound Mail Stream plan.

Once your outbound email plan has been associated to your hosted contacts plan we need to bolt that into the #V2 software and configure it.

Then you're going to want help and support, like this article, to learn how to use your new marketing and data tool as a part of or in your business.

#V2 hosting includes a seperate flat charge to use the #V2 software which also includes access to the support desk team and the ever growing basic training, which includes videos which will be all some people need.

For those of you who are improvers or really want to get good quick, our support package has an upgraded option you should consider.

Those with access to the improvers support package have access to additional training materials.  These help you think about, and how, and why, basic functions work and how they can be combined to start realising the potential sooner.

Improvers training introduces a slightly deeper level of thinking and is the doorway automating the clever stuff.

Improvers are also invited to and contribute questions and feedback to our training webbinars.
(There's even a private communal social hub for improvers)

You can get a #V2 beginner plan and start engaging with up to 377 contacts here

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