We focus on delivering stable, high quality server and network based solutions

Web Hosting

Some of the things to expect
A Team to Help You Grow
Expand your web presence securely in a web connected world. Ask us how
When you need ‘more’ you can have more but it’s good to plan now
Pro-active Monitoring
Our team keep an eye on things so that you can work on your business.
Off Server Backups Included
Block level backups. Can be configured to requirements.
Knowledgeable Customer Support
Easy to use help desk to track any issues or help requests
Fast Reliable Servers
We can tailor servers to your meet needs
99+% Uptime Guarantee
If you want a 100% guarantee we can help you insure your business against downtime
Dedicated Bandwidth
Scalable Storage
Limitless disk space, Order what you need
What not to expect
One Click Installations
There are too many security issues with one click installations
Non-Existent Security
We put in place security measures to help you
Over Subscribed Servers
You don’t want to share your server with 1000’s of other people anyway