Why you need inlined HTML email for mobile templates and how to do it.

This training builds on what you've learnt in the previous video.  If you haven't watched it do so this makes sense.

Mobile responsive HTML email templates need special treatment if your readers are going to see a consistent 'look and feel' across multiple browers and email readers.

The email reader at Gmail for example strip out any CSS formatting from the <head> tags of an email message. Without CSS your nice looking email suddenly looks very ugly.  But it might look OK in a different reader display.

Underneath how a reader displays the message is a common set of standards that all email display understand in the same way.

Inlining is how you make your mobile email templates and messages look great whatever device someone uses.

We'll build on what you learn watching this, in the next video in the series.  That link is below. 

Link To next Video

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